• Secure your own oxygen mask
  • Secure your care receiver's oxygen mask
  • Breathe

Living with Memory Loss Means:

Living in the moment.
Living at a slower pace.
Living with Love.
It doesn’t mean living and caregiving alone.

Come Join Us.

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Washington State Social Service Resources

Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS)

Offers social and health services for children and adults. Contact DSHS if you need to:

Washington State Courts

Washington State Courts

  • Washington State Informed Consent RCW §7.70.065 providing prioritization for persons authorized to provide for patients who are not competent. Used when the patient has not designated Medical Power of Attorney authority.
  • Guardianship Portal providing information on guardianship and alternatives. While this section does not specifically address the duties required of Power of Attorneys, it is a valuable resource because the more stringent guardianship guidelines provide good guidance while serving as a Power of Attorney.


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